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Applications and Industries

Our high quality metal recycling machine is mainly used in steel plants, recyling corportation, waste recovery and metal refining industry.

HIGHV offer custom models and manufacturing services for a wide range of industries. Industries we serve include:

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Our project manager and professional engineers team are very experienced of metal scrap recycling for various industries, such as steel plants, recyling corportation, waste recovery and metal refining industry.

What Are The Applications of Y81 Series Scrap Metal Balers Machines?

Y81 series scrap metal balers machines press the leftover of all kinds of metal material, including steel shavings, scrap tel, scrap aluminum, scrap copper, scrap stainless steel to be qualified in the shape of cuboid, octagon, cylinder and so on, which not only decreases the speed of casting.

This machine is mainly applicable to steel mills, recycling industries and ferrous metallurgical works.

Compression box size, bale size, bale shape can be customized according to clients requirement.

What Are The Applications of Y83 Series Metal Chips Briquetting Press Machines?

The Y83 series metal chips briquetting press machines are suitable for aluminum alloy factory, steel casting factory, aluminum casting factory, copper casting factory, etc.

To compress and pack the aluminum chip, steel chip, iron chip, and copper chips for melting down.

It can replace the waste steel, pig iron, aluminum ingot and waste copper as raw materials and reduce the fire loss.

This equipment can press coldly the cast iron chip, steel chip, copper chip and aluminum chip into 3~6 kg cylinder caky blocks, easy for transportation, furnace casting.

After the iron chip has been pressed, the densities reach 5 ~ 6T/m³.

The machine can also adopt the domestic and imported hydraulic elements and electric components fitted with automatic feeding, weighing and other devices.

Which Y83-500 hydraulic metal scrap briquetting plant for copper design, briquette density reaches over 7T/m³, is ideal to press and pack the lead and brass ideal products.

What Are The Applications of Q43 Series Hydraulic Scrap Metal Alligator Shearing Machines?

Q43 series hydraulic scrap metal alligator shearing machines are applied in recycling companies, automobile dismantling plants, smelting and casting industries to cold shear all shapes of profile steels and all kinds of metal into qualified furnace feed materials.

What Are The Applications of QK91Y Series Heavy Duty Metal Scrap Gantry Shear Cutting Machines?

The QK91Y series heavy duty metal scrap gantry shear cutting machines are suitable for the steel plants, recycling companies, ferrous and non-ferrous metal smelting industry to compress metal scrap (steel parings, waste steel, waste copper and aluminum, waste stainless steel, scrap from discarded automobiles) into acceptable furnace charges of cuboids, so as to reduce the cost of transportation and smelting, to speed up furnace charging. Then cut the bale after baled into pieces.

How To Choose Your Y81 Series Hydraulic Metal Scrap Baling Machines Correctly?

  1. If your scrap material is scrap metals, non-ferrous metals, color metals, we will recommend Y81F series metal baler for you, which has high pressing force with bales tilting out design.
  2. If your scrap material is light weight metals, such as scrap aluminium, scrap copper, tin cans, buckets, we recommend our Y81Q series metal baler for you, the bales will be pushed from baler forward.
  3. If your scrap material is heavy metals, then we recommend our Y81T series metal balers for you, the bales will be pushed out from the side of the metal baler.

Why Recycle Waste Aluminum Cans With The Hydraulic Aluminum Cans Balers?

Aluminum is a very valuable metal resource on the earth, and it is also widely used in our life.

Recycling waste aluminum cans are often more valuable than normal scrap iron cans.

The price of aluminum can reach more than 3,000 USD per ton, while the price of iron is less than 1,500 USD per ton.

Because the composition of the scrap iron can is complicated, tin and zinc are often plated on it, and the cost of refining is also high.

Aluminum in the composition of aluminum cans is much purer, and it is easy to recycle and refine again.

In the process of recycling and processing waste aluminum cans in large quantities, hydraulic aluminum can balers machines are widely used in this field.

How Does Hydraulic Scrap Metal Alligator Shearing Machine Work?

When the cut steel bar falls into the receiving frame, due to the spring action, the cutter head will generally return to the original position.

This is the basic working process of the shear.

Firstly, the steel base materials of different materials are the most basic influencing factors.

For the shear equipment, even for the same material, if the components of the materials are different, the cutting accuracy will be different.

Secondly, the influence of different diameter of steel base material on the cutting accuracy can not be ignored, because the allowable cutting accuracy deviation of different diameter steel bars is completely different.

In addition, the processing accuracy of steel bars required by different construction sites will also be different, which is also one of the factors affecting the shear accuracy of head.

In fact, when the operators actually operate this kind of equipment, the work effect between skilled and unskilled employees will also be very different, which is directly related to the cutting accuracy of the shear.

Turn on the power supply, the high-pressure oil pump will work immediately, and the oil will enter the rear cavity of the working cylinder.

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Our project manager and professional engineers team are very experienced of metal scrap recycling for various industries, such as steel plants, recyling corportation, waste recovery and metal refining industry.